Author Topic: Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?  (Read 1171 times)

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Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?
« on: December 18, 2011, 10:39:15 AM »
Hi everyone.

I am a revert of a sort, technically I never left the Church, and since turning back I have been thinking of  the monastic life a great deal. So not so long ago, in the middle of the first or second confession with my priest, he casually says, 'maybe you should consider the priesthood, you have a good voice...'! I actually laughed out loud at this! He sounded offended, thinking I was mocking him but in truth I was just surprised. The idea of me as a priest was/is kind of ridiculous, especially if you had heard my confession....!

I had never entertained at all prior to the incident above. Now, the thought of being a priest stirs up mixed emotions, some of which I am sure are unworthy of anyone considered for the priesthood. On top of it all, is the requirement to getting married in order to be a priest, which I had/have no great interest in.

I really don't know what to make of it all. I have not had any 'signs' to suggest this is a 'call' to the priesthood. No dreams, no voices, nothing. To top it all off, I am in the latter half of my 30s so after seminary, I would be a new priest in his early 40s...

I am worried that this is just my ego getting the better of me. Maybe it was just a comment in passing nothing more. Yet at the back of my mind there is something I think I read in a book about St Siluan where he talked about priests and confession that makes me not dismiss it.

I am curious what you guys make of all this, especially the clergy that might be reading this.


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Re: Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2011, 12:25:17 PM »
I didn't know it is a requirement to get married to become a priest - I thought that if you choose to be married then you must be so before you enter the priesthood.  If not, then you have a different direction of your priestly duties.  I do think it came across pretty recently that it is a good idea to wait for the priest elect to mature to MAKE sure they don't take their vows and then abandon their post TO get married. 

I laugh too, when I'm surprised.  :)  And sometimes it comes off as a arrogant - but it's not intended that way . . .it's just usually something soooooo far from my thinking that it rattles me a bit before I can even comprehend it. . .and laughter is, I guess my first expression for lack of words to say.  I'm usually quite speechless.

If your confession was pretty bad in you're view, then maybe you were humble enough to speak it and renounce it. Perhaps this is what your confessor was hearing. . . a true confession has to come from a humble heart and broken heart.  I don't know - I don't know his or your heart, only God does. 

Try not to judge his words for small talk. . . some things are incredibly hard to put in front of someone . . without getting 'laughed at'. . .he may have been just as nervous presenting the idea to you as you were when you received the idea. 

I'm of the idea that God calls. . .and we make choices to follow or not.  In order to keep from being puffed up in this idea, get your affairs in order and treat your life as if this is the last day you have on earth - and God will do the rest.  He's the one that makes His Word come to fruit.  You don't.  Your priest doesn't.  Ask your priest to pray for you in the respect that you are not worthy to receive this at moment, but hopefully, if it His will, His Holy Spirit will prepare your heart. 

It sincerely absolutely completely does NOT matter if your priest is calling or if it is small talk.  It matters if YOUR heart is ready to receive Him and if you are willing to DIE to your idea of what is what your life is about and receive and accept what HE wants for your life. 

You may be very surprised - you may well never become a priest in the sense of what you assume this means. . .but something completely different . . .and something you may NEVER want to receive.  This is dying to yourself and living to, for and in Him.

Lord have mercy. 

In His Mercy,

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Re: Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2011, 12:36:40 PM »
Oh, and one more thing, while I'm thinking about it. . .

You know the scripture, "Many are called few are chosen?" 

Many go through boot camp for the elite special forces teams. 

Very very few actually don't have to be pulled from the water to keep them from drowning. 

And NONE of them actually do one thing of their own accord to make the special forces team. 
In His Mercy,

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Re: Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?
« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2011, 02:30:33 PM »
I would give it lots of thought, be honest to yourself about your hopes and fears, and look at the curriculum of a seminary to get an idea of what you would have to do if you were a student. If you go ahead with it, great, but even if you don't, there are other ways to serve the Church. If you decide the priesthood isn't for you, there's being a reader, a chanter, helping in the parish in some way- there are lots of things you could do. Good luck, no matter what you choose.  :)

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Re: Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?
« Reply #4 on: December 19, 2011, 04:16:20 PM »
To go with what biro said, test the water. Check with another priest for advice. If you want to, try to have some experience in serving in the altar. If you want to go to seminary, go aheead, and study. You may find out more. You could become a deacon if you wanted

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Re: Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?
« Reply #5 on: December 19, 2011, 04:53:03 PM »
You can always consider whether you are called to monasticism or priesthood but I don't think that priest's comment should have anything to do with that. When I was considering conversion to Orthodoxy and talked my parish's priest about that for the first time just about first thing he asked was whether I have considered priesthood or monasticism. Needless to say I've yet to become either one and probably never will.
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