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Continuation of conversation..
« on: August 20, 2004, 05:28:39 PM »
   I was quite disappointed that the discussion in which I initiated was hijacked. Please, if you can't contain pejorative opinions, then don't waste the time of people who are attempting to have kind diologues (I understand conversations related to blocked topics are generally repudiated, but please permit sensible diologue to continue, mods- Hvala).

   Getting back to the relevency of the thread, ethhnic  boundries should not hinder those who are Orthodox. Whether one is Macedonian, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, or any different mix of races, all should put aside their differences and focus on the only germane point of life- Christ. "Every city or house divided against itself shall not stand (St. Mt. 12:25)." We should learn to resolve our differences (and most seemingly have, so this is not a major issue).

   Canmak, of course Kosovo would be majority Albanian/Moslem. You first must consider the victory of Mohammedans in the 14th century, especially in Eastern Europe (your own beautiful Macedonia was under their yoke centuries).

   Thousands died in the battles against the Moslem hoardes, and numerous souls perished during the Turk's centuries-long control of the Balkans. Then following the freedom of Kosovo and other regions from the Ottomans, you have the most brutal massacres perpetuated by Nazi-back Albanian and Croatian fascists during World War II, which slaughtered some 600-700,000 Serbs, along with innocent Roma, Gypsies and Jews.

   And forget not Tito, who greatly despised the Orthodox (and any Christians for that matter). I believe that Kosovo was something of a "nation" during his reign, though I would have to check on that.

   And the worst cases in these times was the war in the Balkans. Many hundreds of thousands of Serbs were forced from their homes (as were people of other races), and thousands were especially killed.

   Now the pograms in March 2004 drove thousands away from their ancestral sites. When will the persecutions stop and Serbs allowed to return to their sacred lands (mainly Orthodox sites none-the-less)?

   I leave you with the words of Edmund Burke. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
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If we live as people of God, there will be room for all nations in the Balkans and in the world. If we liken ourselves to Cain who killed his brother Abel, then the entire earth will be too small even for two people. The Lord Jesus Christ teaches us to be