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What do you think of this?
« on: November 11, 2011, 04:07:28 PM »
Just a while ago, I was just thinking about something. Something that I think we should reflect upon. What I'm gonna share is a story (not real). It's something to do with compassion. Some parts may get a bit off, but I think you'll get the general idea of what's going on.

Part 1

There was once a man named Joseph. He was a very famous person in his time. Joseph was benevolent, charitable, loving towards everyone, merciful, self-giving, a family man, and an overall nice person. He had a large family, a wife, and three beautiful children. However, things were not so well with him. He was abused by several members of his family while he was young, had endured being bullied, and as he grew older he became eccentric. Despite his artistic success and humanitarianism, society passed Joseph off as a freak and a narcissistic human for no apparent reason. Joseph actively fought his critics and naysayers to prove what kind of human we was, a nice person, but the court of popular opinion had almost won every battle in the eyes of the world. No one shared pity and no one felt compassion for him. Things got worse when his wife had divorced him over financial reasons. Joseph had to take care of his young children all by himself.

Still, his artistry in music and fine arts gave him some merit, but for Joseph he wasn't concerned about being a celebrity and maintaining his fame, so to speak. All he wanted was to have a good life and share that life with the children he loved.

Joseph became further scandalized by the press and the tabloid culture. Joseph was accused of doing drugs. The media attacked Joseph relentlessly not only by dismissing his artistry, but attacking his good character. This tribulation was devastating to him that it drove him to insanity. At his trial, he was found not guilty due to a lack of substantial evidence. However, in the eyes of most of the tabloid-brainwashed world, Joseph was guilty as sin.

Years later as he was making his comeback things took a tragic turn. Joseph suddenly died in his sleep leaving his children orphaned. The world mourned the loss of a very good man. His children miss their father every day.

Part 2

Since the loss of their father, Joseph's young children (Michael, Katherine, and Isaiah) has had to live under the roof of his large family. Since Joseph died, the family had been exploiting his good name to make more money off his celebrity status. What's worse is that the children have been suckered into the whole exploitation process passing it off as a "tribute" to their father. As they grew older, this travesty became more apparent to them and the three of them decided to have less contact with Joseph's family. While attending school, these children has had to deal with bullies because of their celebrity status, sneerers towards them because of the eccentric nature of their late father, and they simply were walking into in a cold world, a world Joseph tried to help heal through his music and fine arts. They became distrusting of people in general, who sought to exploit the three of them using their father's good name. They knew that they would be ridiculed throughout their young lives for no real reason other than their late father's character. Joseph's famous children became more estranged from their leech family and the bloodthirsty media. All they and their father wanted in life was peace and goodwill and compassion, but the society they lived in did not want that for them.

So Mike, Kat, and Isaiah began to do some soul searching. They were looking for guides to help lead them into peace, but most of them rejected the three of them because they were "famous by birth". These guides were afraid that they would be wrongfully scandalized if they decided to guide the orphaned children of a famous, but eccentric father. So the three children were convinced that it was them against the world. They wanted to preserve the legacy of their loving father in such a way that their father wanted them to, but the stubbornness of people would not let that happen.

EOs, how would you respond to a situation like this? What do you think about this piece? Do we as a people have a tendency to be susceptible and judgmental to people of certain statuses by nature?

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