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I would like to have this thread be a place where we can link directories and other information that would help people locate Oriental Orthodox parishes, dioceses, and organizations.

Please do not post bare links.  Please give a short explanation of what the links are about when you post them.

Here's something Copts use for churches in the US and Canada:

I found these for both Malankara Churches in the US:

Malankara Orthodox Syriac Church:

Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church:

If any Malankara Orthodox has better lists, please share :-)

By the way for people in Europe, Canada, Australia, everywhere else in the world, please do share your directories as well.

Please, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Indians, Syriacs, Copts, British, French, Armenians, please share these places for an Oriental Orthodox to look through, or for an inquirer who's looking into our churches.

If we can unite all OO sources into this one thread here, this thread can be a great service for all.  Perhaps, this can open the door to help make a SCOOCh directory site in the future.

Thank you.

Ethiopian Orthodox Churches in the USA (on Ethnetwork Ethiopian internet directory)

Syriac Orthodox Church in North America (Directory of churches in Canada and the USA)


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