Author Topic: Very interesting discussion in the OO forum for all Christians  (Read 521 times)

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Very interesting discussion in the OO forum for all Christians
« on: October 01, 2011, 06:57:17 AM »
Hey Mods,

Dunno if this is kosher, but the OO forum doesn't get traffic heavily and I think the discussion that is developing in a thread is getting traction that goes beyond merely issues regarding OO. Delete the thread if you think you should, but the thread is a very honest and attempt at a concrete discussion of an issue which gets lost too often in abstraction.

So I would like to point out to folks not following that forum rather closely that an interesting back and forth is going on.

It comes down to old questions and old answers, except there is a voice holding people to the fire and some the answers are ringing rather oddly.

JLatimer attempted to yank the topic out of its context and create a new thread to no effect, because the context of the discussion is everything.

It ain't just the subject matter that is interesting, it is the fact a certain poster triggered some obvious problematic statements by "serious" posters here. Some arguable howlers.

The interesting part of the thread picks up here:,12549.msg646780.html#msg646780

FWIW. I ain't had nothing to do with this thread other than watch with enjoyment the attempt to keep a discussion rooted in the concrete and not get lost to attempts at Patristic quote mining back and forth.