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« on: August 02, 2004, 11:39:16 AM »
What is the OO tradition about dormition and the associated fasting? In the Indian Orthodox church fasting begins on August 1 and ends on August 15, with the feast of Dormition of St. Mary.


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Dear Boghos (Armenian for Paul),

We have a one week fast for the Feast of the Dormition and Assumption (which begins tomorrow).  And then three weeks of feasting.  Not a bad deal, I'd say.  We celebrate this feast on the closest Lord's day to the 15th.  This year it will actually be on the 15th.
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the Coptic Church celebrates the Feast of St.Mary on August 22nd. We fast two weeks before the feast from August 7th to 21st. The fast is more flexible than other fasts as seafood is allowed, although many Copts would fast only with oil and sometimes the whole month of August.
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In the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church tradition about dormition and the associated fasting begins on August 1 and ends on August 15, with the feast of Dormition of St. Mary.

Fasting period is relaxed to 5 days, in Malankara (India) too, starting from August 10, and ends on August 15, by the Holy Synod lead by H.H Patriarch Aphrem and was addressed again by H.H Patriarch Zakka in the 80s.

Church of the East’s custom of fasting is dawn to dusk. It may have been also followed by the Madenhoyo - the Syriac Orthodox Christians in the Persian Empire, who had many traditions different from the Western Syriac Orthodox. The Western style is to fast until noon which is/was followed in Malankara (India) also. That is not to say that there is any prohibition of fasting till dusk.

My grand mother and mother both fast dawn to dusk especially during the fasting of dormition. Me too tried few years back to follow them, but failed to continue it latter.
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