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Re: Orthodoxy and Evangelism...
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Yep, that would be moi.
The Cumming parish is having their Greek Festival in a couple of weeks. I like it better, smaller and more like a family picnic. And you get to listen to Fr. Barnabas, always a plus!

Might have to check that out.  I really enjoyed the last one, although it was extremely crowded! Sometimes i begin to lose my mind when I am in places that crowded! Ha!  However, I am glad that so many people came and visited the church.
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Re: Orthodoxy and Evangelism...
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Orthodox Christian Mission (OCMC) does out reach in nations where Christianity (especially Eastern Orthodox Christians) are in the minority. They are also active in re-evangelizing former Communist nations where Orthodoxy was once prevalent. Yes we do evangelize the heterodox (non Eastern Orthodox Christians or "other beliefs" Christians) as we believe that although accepting Christ as they understand him, they have failed to meet and know the True Christ fully---that is only possible through knowing him in the practice of the Orthodox (Right Belief) Church.


Thomas, since you were a former Mormon, what kind of difficulty has it been for a Momorn to evanglize an Orthodox Christian? Or stop Mormonism from rapidly expanding by sharing the Orthodox faith?

I think I have misconstrued my questions.

I think I understand what you are asking, here is my response.

From 1935 forward,  a systematic Missionary system was a reason for LDS success in  growth  by conversion.  Originally an idea from then President and Prophet Heber Grant utilizing  modern business marketing and sales techniques to tell the LDS story to Americans and Europeans a new method of  missionizing that reached a modern population .   While successful in European and American populations, it has not been successful in evangelizing traditional Orthodox Christian populations due to the  obvious discrepancies between the teachings of the LDS Prophets  from Joseph Smith to the present  First President and Prophet Thomas S.  Monson and the Orthodox Church’s early Church fathers down to our current Heirarchs.

The LDS Systematic Missionary system utilizes memorized lessons taught by  non-paid missionaries (largely males between the ages of 19 and 24) that utilize  films,  flip books, and videos to present the LDS  “Gospel”.  The LDS Misionary has always focused on specific demographics to recruit from. In the early days of the LDS Church the focus was on the “burned out” heavily evangelized partisan survivors  and millennial fears of the American Frontier.  The next group was focused on Europeans who were skilled laborers who suffered from lack of property, over population,  war, and class subjugation by  helping them to immigrate to Utah and the New Zion.
Today the  LDS Systematic  Missionary System has a new set of demographics that focus their missionizing targeting the following groups:
1)  Persons in spiritual crisis or in spiritual need
2)  Newly weds  after 3-6 months of marriage (honeymoon is over)
3)  Grieving persons (who has lost young children -2 months after death or a spouse 4-6 months as family starts telling them that it is time “ to get on with life”)
4) Those seeking for  their own “Truth” not that of their parents  (usually 14 y.o to 18 y.o)
5) Those who are unemployed more than 4 months.
6) In Africa, the “New Zion” teachings are arisng again

If an Orthodox wishes to  evangelize the Mormon the best tool is the return to the early Church  Fathers who clearly address the concerns that the LDS Church tries to state  where lost by the modern Churches and the LDS program is to Restore. As those teachings have never been lost in the Orthodox Church, no restoration is necessary and the focus must remain on the original teachings of the church not the reinvented, “restored” gospel of the Mormon Church.

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Re: Orthodoxy and Evangelism...
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Met. Paul, the Antiochian Archbishop here in Australia, is just one of several bishops who grew up in the Middle East and have some strong things to say on this topic. Met. Paul frequently reminds us priests and all the laity as well that we must evangelise like St Paul and the Apostles, Sts Cyril and Methodius, Innocent etc etc. Yes of course we need to become more holy like in the monastic quote above, but it is all too often used as an excuse to "hide our lights under the bushell". So the concerns of Jewish voice is right. We modern Orthodox are not following our Tradition very well. We have forgotten the passion of the apostles, and need to learn from modern apostles like Fr. Themi, Orthodox priest in Sierra Leone who has baptised several thousand in the last few years, starting several churches, schools etc. There is an over-reaction against Protestant methods- despite the fact that many of the methods are very inappropriate we should not through out Orthodox methods that look a bit similar. So mass hypnosis events are wrong! But a certain passionate mission is right. This is not my thoughts but from several of our bishops. We need less posting of "my thoughts" on this topic, and more of what our bishops say. Too many of "my thoughts" are just delusion.
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Fr. John D'Alton