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"A rabbi, a minister, and an imam meet together for a year and something amazing happens...

In June of 2010, the three of us, Rev. Jerry Campbell, Imam Jihad Turk and Rabbi Mel Gottlieb, announced an agreement for our respective institutions to co-create the world's first inter-religious university -- a place where rabbis, ministers, imams and other religious leaders would each be educated in their own traditions, side by side, but also with classes in common. The new university would include academic schools for students who wanted to do world-healing work in non-religious fields as well.

The purpose of this new concept was not to water down the beliefs of each of the different traditions, but rather to create understanding, promote mutual respect and learn how to cooperate across religious boundaries to address the world's greatest problems...."
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It wouldn't open for me, it just kept trying to load (and I tried three different ways to get into the article, through your link, through using the huffingtonpost search, and through a Google search).  I'll try again in a couple hours...

Nevermind, I tried again and just let the browser sit for a couple minutes till it finally loaded.   8)    Anyway... yeah... so I read it and browsed over some of the stuff on the new school's website (especially academic degrees available)... it's an ecumenistic dream-come-true for some, I suppose... sort of a comparative religion degree on steroids.
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