Author Topic: MOVED: Ialmisry's, Wyatt's, & Elijahmaria's Infantile and Spiritually Unprofitable Bickering  (Read 1136 times)

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This topic has been moved to Orthodox-Other Christian Private Discussions.

The Moderators have decided that the bickering between ElijahMaria, Ialmisry and Wyatt is no longer fit for any public forum. Furthermore, Ialmisry, Elijahmria and Wyatt are strongly cautioned to confine their bickering to the private forum. Serious consequences will ensue if their bickering infects any of the public fora, causing derailment of the topic.

A general warning for all: Hijacking of threads for the pursuit of pet causes is much more serious than veering off topic and will be dealt with increasingly severe moderation, to include muting and banning. Second Chance
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