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Re:The Qu'ran
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The earlier reference to William Dalrymple's evocative book reflecting his travels in the Middle East triggered a memory.

The ROCOR monastery in Brookwood, England, regularly had extremely poor Moslem migrant workers visit and offer candles. The Igumen, Father Alexis, found they were coming to venerate particular Orthodox Saints. Interestingly, they would come on the feast day of the Saint, according to the Church calendar.
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Re:The Qu'ran
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I've heard plenty of "hauntingly beautiful" things that human beings have produced.  

As have I, we all have.

God has given humanity the gift of creating so I suppose you could say that such things are from God ultimately but they come into being through the workings of people.  


English Chant can be quite beautiful to some, as can Latin Chant or Sacred Harp singing or many other musics.  Beauty and feelings are sometimes in the ear and mind of the beholder, I should think.  To others it would not have the same appeal

I totally agree, but there is something about the rythm and the flow of the Qu'ran in Arabic, I don't know what it is, it has converted many to Islam and confirms millions in their faith that it is the holy book of God, a standing miracle for all to enjoy.

However, I know those who wanted to convert to Catholicism just after hearing some very good Latin Gregorian and Polyphonic Chant, so I do agree that it depends on the person.
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