Author Topic: Cudahy, Wisconsin: food, faith central to the joy of the 'slava'  (Read 986 times)

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A slava is a commemoration, in some Orthodox Christian societies, in honor of a family's patron saint. In Cudahy, Wisconsin, Helga Nikolic and many of her friends from the Serbian Orthodox Church enjoy traditional food at these events.

From the article:
Over the years Nikolic learned to cook many traditional dishes and became so involved in the cuisine that she organized monthly cooking classes at St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church in Cudahy in about 2002. The classes, called the Serbian Heritage Workshops, led to the publication of two cookbooks that she helped spearhead. The most recent, "Cooking in the Serbian Tradition," is still available through the church for $15.
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Re: Cudahy, Wisconsin: food, faith central to the joy of the 'slava'
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we used to go to their slava every year!