Author Topic: Vatican Documents on St. Josaphat Kuntsevych  (Read 2371 times)

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Vatican Documents on St. Josaphat Kuntsevych
« on: August 20, 2011, 10:11:24 AM »

Google English translation:

Basilian publishing "missionary" has given this year in Ukraine Documents for beatification. St. Josaphat Kuntsevych that the Latin translated into Ukrainian our fellow brothers in the order, the late Fr. Jehoshaphat Romanyk OSBM.

The collection consists of three parts: 1. Roman documents on the beatification of St. Josaphat, 2. Catechism, servants of God concluded Jehoshaphat 3. Rules and Constitution by Josaphat for their priests.

Most comprehensive is the first part, which occupies 244 pages, but as we read in the Introduction, only the first part of the documents concerning beatification St., includes the following two. Translated documents - a reliable visual evidence of witnesses on martyrdom, religious and personal humility of St. Josaphat Kuntsevych that was needed for the process of beatification and canonization of him.

The reader can learn not only from the evidence, but also with his spiritual works, as in this volume also contains Catechism concluded Kuntsevich Jehoshaphat, and Rules and Constitution , written Josaphat for their priests.

When in 1618 became Archbishop Josaphat Polotsk, very earnestly engaged in his archdiocese clergy education and caring discipline. His rules for priests, constitutions, catechism and other works, and through synods arhiyeparhiyalnyh Josaphat Kuntsevich raised education and discipline of the clergy in his archdiocese at a much higher level.

Collection - a valuable source of knowledge for both individual St. Jehoshaphat, like the times in which he had to live our Church and state in seventeenth century.

This book goes into the world thanks to the efforts of blessed memory initsiatorskym ieromonaha Josaphat Romanyk OSBM (1919-2007) - and long-time member of the Basilian Superior Province of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Poland. In the last years of his life he translated documents for beatification St. Bishop and Martyr. Jehoshaphat the Latin language and the idea of ​​the structure book. Tireless imitation of St. Josaphat and a great love for his patron, his awareness of the relevance of the figures for the modern world, which is now so lacking cohesion, added Fr. Jehoshaphat Romanyk nevtomnosti and strength. Despite the painful illness he still managed to almost complete this difficult, but we still want work.

Unfortunately, he was not destined to live out the book in the world, besides he was unable to complete your design. In the current edition of documents concerning beatification St. Bishop and Martyr. Jehoshaphat became only part of what is contained in the archives of Rome and the Vatican, so it is hoped that this work will prove the end of the following researchers.

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Re: Vatican Documents on St. Josaphat Kuntsevych
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2011, 03:45:15 PM »
Have you read the article published in Orientalia Christiania Anelecta about a group of nuns in the 19th century who faked their presecution?
The article was written by a Catholic scholar using Catholic sources.  The standards of previous centuries were not the same as our modern standards.
Just read chronicles of the Crusades and read all the exaggerations.

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Re: Vatican Documents on St. Josaphat Kuntsevych
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2011, 03:56:22 PM »
In this case, some might make the case that the devil's advocate was the one pushing for canonization.

Fitting that someone from Poland would produce this, given that the Poles were the ones pushing for his canonization, rather than the Ukrainians, Belarus or Rusyns.

Was there a specific point to the OP?
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