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Few Catholic converts in Russia...


Mor Ephrem:
Few Catholic converts in Russia

Mir religii, 18 December 2002

Several hundred Orthodox Russians converted to the Catholic faith in the past decade according to a report today by the head of the Russian Catholic, Tadeucz Kondrusiewicz, Interfax reports. At the Conference of Catholic Bishops of the Russian federation it was explained to the agency that there were approximately 500-600 such conversions. "For a country of many millions, this is a pittance," T. Kodrusiewicz said at a press conference in Moscow.  At the same time he categorically rejected the accusations of proselytism which are often aimed at the Vatican from the Russian Orthodox church.

"We are dealing with the voluntary conversion of people from Orthodoxy to Catholicism. How can one refuse a person who comes to us by himself? Kondrusiewicz said.

At the same time he noted that the Vatican, despite the claims from the Orthodox side, does not consider Russia a mission country that needs to be converted to Christianity. "Russia was baptized a thousand years ago; it is an Orthodox country, but today there are 69 religious denominations registered in it, that is, the religious situation has changed in comparison with 1917," Kondrusiewicz added. (tr. by PDS, posted 18 December 2002)

When you have the true faith why settle for anything less?  ;)


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