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Author Topic: Police Shoot At Figments of Their Imagination  (Read 466 times) Average Rating: 0
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Justin Kissel
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Jurisdiction: Fate
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« on: August 12, 2011, 11:00:51 PM »

Christian Police Associations call for Darkness II ban

At the opening of The Darkness II, protagonist Jackie Estacado has risen through the ranks of organized crime to become the don of the Franchetti clan. And while it might go without saying that the police in the game's world will be set against him, it turns out some authorities in this world have an issue with him as well.

The heads of the International Christian Police Fellowship, the Christian Police Association, the Swiss Christian Police Association, and the Germany Christian Police Association last month drafted a letter to politicians and game producers explaining their objection to the violent content in many games. Specifically, the organizations called out The Darkness II, saying it and games like it create a distorted perspective of police officers for young players...
Kasatkin fan
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« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2011, 11:05:36 PM »

There are many things which "create a distorted perspective of police officers", are we to ban everything that isn't pro police?
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I am Bibleman; putting 'the' back in the Ukraine

« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2011, 12:10:11 AM »

If only it was distorted...I can think of several examples from this year and last just of the Phoenix Police Department.  Not to mention the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department.

I know a secret about a former Supreme Court Justice.  Can you guess what it is?

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Preston Robert Kinney (September 8th, 1997-August 14, 2011
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« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2011, 12:19:06 AM »

Best way for the police to prevent people from getting a negative view of the police - serve and protect.  If people are afraid of crime and the only times they run into a cop is to get some stupid traffic ticket, or have your car searched...might have a negative opinion of die Polizei.

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« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2011, 01:04:06 PM »

Police create a distorted view of police officers.  The games only play on that view.

I would be happy to agree with you, but then both of us would be wrong.
Jr. Member
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Faith: Greek Orthodox
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« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2011, 12:19:12 AM »

Police create a distorted view of police officers.  The games only play on that view.

As a former police officer I agree. That's why I left the job many, many years ago.
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