Author Topic: I have a second meeting with Major League Soccer club Houston Dynamo on Saturday  (Read 521 times)

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I have a second meeting with Major League Soccer club Houston Dynamo on Saturday.

The first meeting went well, they interviewed me and I went through many drills (I did better on the drills than the interview lol).

Hopefully within the next few months I'll be a professional footballer. 

Please pray for me.  :)
Forgive my sins.

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Lord have mercy!
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Lord, have mercy.

That's exciting.  Keep us informed.
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Best of luck!

Exciting news. Definitely keep us up to date.
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Yeah, let us know!

Lord, have mercy.
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Very Cool! Hope you have much success!

"Lord have mercy."

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Lord have mercy

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Lord have mercy! That's very cool! I hope everything goes well!
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Thanks guys, everything went great! They told me it wouldnt be until after the season ends (playoffs end in November) that they would sign me, but that's a good thing considering I'd like to finish this semester in school. He told me they were going to keep coming to my club's matches and training sessions and stay in touch to meet up a few more times. They did start throwing out figures of how much money I would start at as far as negotiations for a contract in coming months, I threw in 6 figures which they liked.

So hopefully when the 2012 season kicks off in March, I'll be playing on your tv.  :)

Here is there website for those that are interested:
Forgive my sins.