Author Topic: Plans underway for Redemption Cathedral complex in Romanian capital  (Read 1015 times)

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The plans for Redemption Cathedral in Bucharest, Romania, call for a massive facility which could accommodate up to three thousand pilgrims. The foundations have been set. The features to be built should be truly impressive as well: one of the towers is to rise some 120 meters.

From the article:
The cathedral is also cultural, as stores for religion related materials (books, other objects) will be made available. Over 5000 pilgrims will be able to assist the religious service inside the cathedral, while another 125.000 pilgrims will have space in the cup shaped project area, with the cathedral in the middle, gazing at large TV screens where the religious service will be broadcasted live.

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Re: Plans underway for Redemption Cathedral complex in Romanian capital
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Greetings in that Divine and Most Precious Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I saw this on German international news earlier, I was actually quite excited.  While there are obvious issues of social justice and government funding involved while public schools and hospitals are closing, I would as an Orthodox admit to a joy in seeing the prioritization of Church building with government assistance in a nation where the government deliberately spent so much time and resources destroying them.  In US I fully agree with the separation of Church and State, however even here with that said separation in place, if the US government destroyed any Orthodox parishes I would expect that same government to use its public funds to rebuild, repair, and recompense our losses, its only fair.

stay blessed,
habte selassie
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