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Re: Post your favorite quotes!
« Reply #360 on: October 03, 2017, 10:53:27 PM »
A very interesting quote from Fr. Antônio Vieira, father of Brazilian literature and missionary among Native Americans, from his St. Anthony Sermon for the Fish:

"Do you think only the Tapuias eat each other? A much greater butcher is the one here, they Whites eat each other much more. Do you see all that bustle, do you see all that walking, do you see all that movement in the squares and street crossing; do you see all this up and down the sidewalks, do you see this one enter and leave without quietness or rest? For all that is men reflecting how will they eat, and how will they eat each other. One died, you will soon see so many onto this miserable one, shredding and eating him. The heirs eat him, the testamentaries eat him, the legatees eat him, the lenders eat him; the officers of the orphans, the deceased and the absent eat him; the doctor, who cured him or helped him die, eats him; the bleeder who bled him eats him; his own wife, who grudginly arranges the home's oldest sheet for a shroud, eats him; the one who opened his grave, the one who tolled the bells, the ones who singingly led him for burial eat him; well, the poor deceased has not eaten the earth, but the Earth has already eaten him."

So true!
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Re: Post your favorite quotes!
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"'I'm religious but I don't believe in institutional Christianity' is often another Docetic way to say, 'I want to be spiritual without any of the ambiguities, frustrations, and responsibilities that embody spiritual commitment.' Institutions are embodiments and substantiations of ideals, aims, and values. Docetism is a spiritual abnegation of any responsibility to incarnate ideals, values, or love. It is altogether too easy to love and care in the abstract. Concrete situations of diapers, debts, divorce, or listening to and being with someone in depression and despair, is the test of real love. Docetism is the religious way to escape having love tested in the flesh." - (Episcopalian Bishop) C. FitzSimons Allison, The Cruelty of Heresy, pp. 37-38
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