Author Topic: There are two recorded instances on which mountain moved because someone had fai  (Read 235 times)

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First instance of moving mountains in Eastern Orthodox Church
Second instance of moving Mountains in Coptic Church
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Does anyone really interpret 'move mountains' literally?
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At nunc desertis cessant sacraria lucis:
aurum omnes victa iam pietate colunt.
-Propertius, Elegies III.XIII:47-48

Ἀπ' ὃσα ἒκαμα κι ἀπ’ ὃσα εἶπα
νὰ μὴ ζητήσουνε νὰ βροῦν ποιός ἢμουν
-C.P Cavafy

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Has something to do with Faith.
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