Author Topic: The Problem of Hell and a loving God  (Read 31483 times)

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Re: The Problem of Hell and a loving God
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Which, of course, is mentioned nowhere in the Scriptures.  The passage you quote is a non sequitur ( to your assertion.

There is nothing in the Scriptures that indicates either the end of their composition or the end of prophesy.  In fact, you know full well that it took centurues of debate to decide which books actually were to be considered the biblical corpus and which were not.  The fact that the Church existed hundreds of years which such certainty which you now speak of as an absolute indicates that you are still ill-prepared to prove anything you have to say.

Alfred, you are in over your head.  You really need to repent and admit that you have not been able to explain your own logic, and turn to your own personal wisdom when your logical fallacies have been exposed.  You have many beliefs which have been exposed here as coming from outside the Bible, and no amount of twisting of the meaning can escape the fact that many of your quotes simply have nothing to do with what you claim.

You can use all kinds of colorful language, but the fact that you refuse to enagge the many questions posed to you indicates that you are operating from a script you have artfully crafted for your own questions which disintegrates when confronted with even basic questions.

Please, Alfred, for your own sanity, repent and abandon this madness of your own self-reliance.

Sola scriptura is sola verbum dei after the death of the last apostle, which is when the  word of God ceased being delivered to the church:
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Re: The Problem of Hell and a loving God
« Reply #496 on: August 09, 2011, 11:47:37 AM »
Sorry I havn't been around. Personal issues.

Sorry Alfred, we've all addressed every issue you have and your only come back of any note is that we "contradict" ourselves. All the while giving shabby answers and set up straw men to knock down or stating you'll "ignore" whatever statements you cant defend (such as the centuries after Christ "argument" you gave)

Man, just repent and give it up. You're not going to win this. You talk about sola scriptura but wont accept the basic fact that the scriptures that you state are the only thing needed, and not tradition, were put together BY the same tradition that you casually cast aside.

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