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A prayer request that appropriately fits in this forum
« on: July 20, 2011, 09:30:16 PM »
I have heard from a publisher that they have sent parts of my manuscript onto a second reader. I have been informed by a friend who has a book published with this company (and they're a relatively well-known Christian book publisher) that if the second reader approves, the company will either give me a contract on the spot or ask for the manuscript for further considerations.

I'm asking that you pray this book be accepted. So why didn't I post this in the prayer forum? Mostly because of the content of the book...

The book explains the Gospel and is written by a Protestant, but I draw all my citations from Scripture and Church Fathers (specifically Cappadocian). Likewise, I present a lot of Orthodox theology in the book (with theosis playing a central role). Certainly I didn't mean for the book to be a subversive advertisement for Orthodoxy, but in my own spiritual journey, which was relayed into the book, Orthodoxy shines through. But only those familiar with Orthodoxy would know that. The point being, if someone were to read the book and find that they mostly agree with it, when they encounter Orthodoxy they wouldn't find it a difficult transition.

Anyway, I should know August 16 (or thereabouts) on the status of the book and would appreciate prayers. But I would also appreciate comments on what you think of such a book that is geared towards evangelicals, but uses Church Fathers and introduces some of the main elements of Orthodox teachings without being Orthodox.
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