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Discovery of Galileo’s long-lost letter shows he edited his heretical ideas to fool the Inquisition

1613 Galileo writes a letter to his friend Benedetto Castelli, arguing against the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church that the Earth was the center of the universe. Copies of this letter are circulated.

7 February 1615 Dominican friar Niccolò Lorini forwards a copy of the letter to the Inquisition in Rome. This letter is quite inflammatory. For instance, Galileo wrote of certain propositions in the Bible as “false if one goes by the literal meaning of the words”.

16 February 1615 Galileo asks a friend, Piero Dini, to forward to Rome what Galileo claims to be a copy of his original letter; but actually, this is a version that Galileo himself edited, to make the letter sound less inflammatory. For instance, Galileo crossed through the word “false” in the quote above, and replaced it with “look different from the truth”.
[Galileo's] letter to Dini complains of the “wickedness and ignorance” of his enemies, and lays out his concern that the Inquisition “may be in part deceived by this fraud which is going around under the cloak of zeal and charity”.
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Soooo, pretty soon there's going to be lot's of atheists saying "See! There IS a war between science and religion!"... and Robert Sungenis dislocating his shoulder from patting himself on the back for "calling it." Cool.
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Galileo is not the first or last one person to revise a writing.
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