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For Anyone Following the Kim Wall Story...
« on: April 25, 2018, 11:10:29 AM »
Peter Madsen, Danish Inventor, Is Convicted of Killing Kim Wall

A court in Copenhagen found the submarine inventor Peter Madsen, 47, guilty of premeditated killing — equivalent to murder — in the death of Kim Wall, 30, whom prosecutors said he bound, tortured, sexually assaulted and stabbed repeatedly after she went on his submarine, the UC3 Nautilus, to interview him. He was sentenced to life in prison...

...[prosecutor] Mr. Buch-Jepsen presented evidence that Mr. Madsen had planned to assault and kill her, bringing the tools to bind, cut and stab his victim, and heavy objects like pipes to weigh down her remains. The prosecutor showed text messages that Mr. Madsen had deleted, but that investigators were able to recover, telling another woman that she should be tied up and tortured aboard the sub, and telling a friend that he had planned the perfect murder, one that would be a “great pleasure.”

Mr. Buch-Jepsen presented Mr. Madsen, who had founded a company to build spacecraft, as desperate to commit the murder after the cancellation of a rocket launch on Aug. 8. That day, he texted three other women to invite them onto the submarine. All three declined. “It was not premeditated against Kim Wall, but against the next women who wanted to go along with him on the submarine,” Mr. Buch-Jepsen said...