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The Glory of God...
« on: July 14, 2011, 09:20:56 AM »
Watching a friend dying of cancer- a young mother [Rachel] who would desire your prayers- I am struck by how often the reason ultimately given for her impending death is that this is a decision made by God so that it insures He gets the most glory. I'm pretty sure I would have said that too, long ago, taking some comfort that His ways are not ours- but is this really a proper take in Orthodoxy? The Orthodox have taught me that no one is more Self-Emptying and Self-denying than God, and- unless my take is wrong, while God ultimately gets the Glory it's not neccessarily because He's actively seeking it. But again, I could be wrong. It just seem like in my protestant friends mindsets the Glory of God must be enforced and restated, almost defended- as if one needs to defend a Lion in a cage (just open the door).

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Re: The Glory of God...
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Lord, have mercy on Rachel!