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forty-two martyrs of amorion
« on: June 25, 2004, 04:13:51 PM »
In 837 the Khalif of Baghdad attacked the city of Amorion, second largest city in the Byzantine Empire. The following year the city fell, was sacked and burned & the population killed. Upper class inhabitants were carried off to Syria for ranson, among which were 42 Byzantine officers of high rank. Efforts to compel their conversion to Islam failed.  In 845 they were ordered by the Khalif to convert and upon their refusal, they were beheaded.  The Church honors these 42 martyrs of Amorion on March 6.  I have searched in North America, Greece & Middle East for an image of these martyrs and have found nothing.  Do any readers know of an icon of the 42 holy martyrs of Amorion any where?