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Students in the Dark About Christian Faith


Nigula Qian Zishi:
Students in the Dark About Christian Faith

LONDON, DEC. 15, 2002 ( Almost half of Britain's 12-year-olds are so ignorant of Christian teaching that they don't know Easter celebrates Jesus' resurrection, a new survey says.

The survey of more than 500 school pupils also found that some youngsters believed that Jesus was the son of Joseph, not God. Six percent did not believe that Jesus had ever existed, the Telegraph reported today.

The research, at Exeter University, fuels fears that many schools are failing to ensure that pupils get a basic religious education. It will likely increase pressure on Education Secretary Charles Clarke to include religious education in the national curriculum.

I would what the numbers would be here in the US/ ???

the slave:
Please remember that in England most State Schools are not really Faith Based. They are multicultural multi faith.

Yes the RC and Anglican Church, as well as Jews and Muslims, can and do have their own schools  [ State Schools not private], However in the ordinary State School there is very little RE done but everyones' religious Festivals are celebrated. It must make for Chaos.

Until recently there was no specialist RE qualification - there is now and of course it is demanded for the Faith based Schools but I am not sure about in others - particularly the Primary[ aged 5 to 11] Schools. It is perfectly possible to have a class taught by an Atheist - so how is RE taught then ?


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