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Re: Silly Catholic Masses
« Reply #90 on: June 28, 2011, 10:12:39 PM »
Dear Benedict is leading us out of the desolate wilderness. ...
Are you saying here that the Catholic Church had fallen into the desolate wilderness after the changes of Vatican II ?

Liturgically, not AT Vatican II but AFTER Vatican II, yes, the Roman liturgy has been in crisis.

I think, though, that the roots of many of today's problems actually pre-date Vatican II. Sort of like when a nice-looking tree suddenly falls to the ground, because inside it hasn't been sound for some time.

(Sorry for using 2 plant analogies in the same paragraph.)

In many areas, it has indeed been a wilderness. I like to refer to the crisis as the West's version of Iconoclasm. 13 centuries later but just as destructive.

Good point.

Pope Pius X in 1908, I think it wasm wrote a Papal encyclical attacking modernism. Why did he feel a need to do that in 1908, unless the evil had already penetrated the church?

 ;)  Evil penetrated the Body of Christ through Adam's sin...When have we been free from the consequences of that?  What golden age can we reference where there was NO sin in the members of the Body?