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This book was first published in 1969, it is now online at the below link:


This little pamphlet has but a modest goal. It is intended primarily for University students, especially members of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement. Others may benefit from it - given sympathetic understanding.

There is no way of understanding Christianity without understanding the Fathers. The Bible is essential and primary, but not sufficient by itself. These men embodied in their lives and teachings elements of the faith - which one without acquaintance with the authentic tradition cannot easily discern in the Bible.

The Bible, the Liturgy, the Fathers - these three form a complex unity. Any of these cannot be understood without some knowledge of the other two.

This pamphlet is meant only to begin to cultivate a taste for the Fathers. Students will have to do much more work once their interest has been quickened.

Three things characterized the Fathers - a dedicated life with an intense discipline of prayer, worship and fasting, a singular capacity to combine wide and deep secular knowledge with knowledge of the ways of God and an infinite and active compassion for the poor and the needy and a willingness to serve them.

We need the same combination in today's world and Church if mankind is to find its way forward. College students should at least have an opportunity to become exposed to the personality, life and thought of some of these spiritual giants of the past.

Several small pamphlets are to follow, if God wills, this slender publication.

This is not intended to be scholarly or pedantic. If it dispels at least one or two misconceptions about the Fathers of the Church, the author would feel satisfied.


Kottayam, Kerala
Epiphany, 1969.

Fr. Paul Verghese - Later Metropolitan of New Delhi, India.

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Thanks for posting this !
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