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God Wins: A Response to Rob Bell
« on: June 10, 2011, 09:53:17 AM »
"Rob Bell's book, Love Wins, has generated a national conversation about ultimate issues, such as the nature of hell, heaven, and the destiny of humankind. Yet, the book has also created unnecessary confusion. God Wins is a response to the provocative questions Love Wins has raised. Mark Galli explores the important questions that are left unasked and the issues left uncharted. Mark shows how Love Wins is not enough-and there is even better news for our world. God Wins will have a small group discussion guide with relevant Scripture passages in the back of the book."

I didn't know that God and Love were in competition. ::)

Anyway, here's a foretaste of Galli's book:

"There is a lot of talk about how unjust or unfair this is—that finite decisions can have eternal consequences. To me, some of that talk sounds like a teenager rebelling against having to do homework or chores. Philosophical rebellion is respectable in our culture, but when we rebel against the very conditions of our existence, I'm not sure what to say: That God should have created a different world with different conditions?"
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