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Many of the parishes of ACROD and the OCA, and a few of ROCOR and the Patriarchal Russian Church in the United States, trace their origins to the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Muchachevo, now in Transcarpathian Ukraine. Our brothers and sisters there have established a youtube site for their Church functions. I thought that i would post the link and this video for the benefit of those whose ancestors brought their Eastern Christian faith with them to America and later found that they had to seek protection in Orthodoxy in order to preserve it. The Easterness of the praxis of this liturgy and the pilgrimage videos bear witness to the deeply held love for and defense of the faith of the Rusyn peoples, despite centuries of Latin influence. It is hard to call the practice of these people 'Orthodoxy lite' and does great offense to them. In a perfect world we would all be one, but I felt the need to share this in the hopes that some here would gain a better understanding of the linkage between the Greek Catholics and Orthodox.  and others. These videos are from Bishop Milan of Muchachevo at his Cathedral church in that city.

Those who would remember the late Metropolitan Orestes Chornock of thrice-blessed memory of ACROD will feel a touch of nostalgia in viewing these.
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