Author Topic: Question concerning the Epitafios/Plaschanitsa on Ascension Thursday  (Read 1962 times)

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Christ Is Risen!

I have a question, I hope our Reverend Fathers could help me with.  My parish priest will be away from today until after June 5Th.  I am doing the Obidna Service on those Sundays, but Father asked me to remove the Epitafios/Plaschanitsa from the Holy Altar on Ascension Thursday.  Unfortunately, with Father away, no services are planned.  I know I should do more than simply remove it from the Altar and place it in its case.  Should I do a reader's Vespers on Wednesday night and at the end of the service cense it and around the Altar 3 times and then make 3 prostrations before the Epitafios/Plaschanitsa and then remove it and replace it in its case?  Your input will be greatly appreciated. 
The unworthy hierodeacon, Vasyl

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I looked over a couple of sources and I do not see a rubric for it. When I have seen it removed is when the altar clothes are changed from white to gold. In reality, the Epitafios is always present on the altar in the form of the Antimension.

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I do not recall a rubric either, it would be gone when vespers was served on the eve of the Ascension so the prior post about putting it away with the change of altar clothes is probably the norm. Certainly it should be done reverentially. We have a glass cedar lined case to store it is during the rest of the year in one of the sacristies.

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Re: Question concerning the Epitafios/Plaschanitsa on Ascension Thursday
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Doing Vespers would be OK. It would be stowed away then.