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Please Pray...
« on: May 18, 2011, 04:32:41 PM »
...for the souls of the 353,000 Pontian Orthodox Christians who perished from 1919-1923. May 19th each year is dedicated to the memory of our Christian brothers and sisters who suffered under the Ottomans.
Memory Eternal.
Ἦχος Βαρύς

Ὁπλιτικῆς φάλαγγος οἰκεῖον μέλος
ὁ τοῦ βάρους σὺ κλῆσιν εἰληφῶς φέρεις.
Ἧχον τὸν ἁπλοῦν τὸν βάρους ἐπώνυμον
ὁ τοὺς λογισμοὺς ἐν βοαῖς μισῶν φιλεῖ.
Ἀνδρῶν δὲ ἄσμα δευτερότριτε βρέμεις.
Ὧν ποικίλος δὲ τοὺς ἁπλούς ἔχεις φίλους.