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Re: Is it allowed for an Orthodox to....
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That the Theotokos never committed a sin is different from the Immaculate Conception, which wrongly teaches that from birth she was granted a sort of "divine protection" that in effect made it impossible for her to commit a sin.

She couldn't, of course.

But she was not born with some special grace that nobody else has.
How do you know?

She simply submitted herself wholly, and we do not.
I would take it farther and say that we cannot. How come she can and we can't?

All people are born with the ability, with the help of grace, to not sin; not just the Mother of God. But we do sin because we choose to.
We are not capable of remaining sinless our entire lives, nor are we born that way. Grace starts at Baptism.

To say she was less capable of sinning than we are sounds blasphemous to me. She had no free will then. Her virtues are worthless because she was preserved from the battle altogether.
Being born without original sin does not mean that she was not capable of falling into sin nor does it mean she did not have free will. Adam and Eve were born in this state and they still fell. The dogma of the Immaculate Conception does not in any way remove the virtuousness of the Mother of God. She could have fallen, but she did not.
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Am I to understand that an Orthodox poster like bogdan is allowed to misrepresent Catholic teachings, but a Catholic poster like Wyatt is not allowed to correct him?
Just a suggestion--actually, more than just a suggestion: You will want to take that question up with the moderator team via private message.
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