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Coptic Language Summer School
« on: May 18, 2011, 03:54:39 AM »
I am presently developing plans to organise a 4 or 5 day intensive Coptic Language Summer School in London towards the end of August.

The course would be led by a university lecturer who has taught Coptic formally at Birkbeck and Kings College, London, and who is an academic Egyptologist. Her PhD was based on a Coptic Martyrdom text.

I am particularly interested in studying Coptic formally so as to be able to read and translate ancient Coptic texts. Of course even an intensive Summer School will only be a beginning. But the Summer School would be structured around reaching a degree of competency in reading simple texts, and being confident to continue reading and studying Coptic.

I suppose that the target audience is independent students such as myself, members of the academic community who wish to gain some grasp of Coptic texts, Coptic Orthodox who wish to develop or extend their knowledge of ancient written Coptic texts, and perhaps even non-Orthodox and non-Christians who are interested in the history and ancient culture of Egypt.

My university lecturer considers that a group of 8-10 students would be optimal.

I am locating central London facilities for the event, hopefully at a minimal cost. The cost of the Summer School would cover the duplication of materials, and the expenses of our teacher, who I would wish to be well rewarded, and encouraged to support further such courses. I am guessing that a 5 day Summer School might cost £50-£60.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who might be interested in being part of a Summer School. If you know anyone who might be interested then please let them know about the planned Summer School. If you have any ideas or advice about such a Summer School then also please respond.

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