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RC Saints who preached in Ukraine
« on: May 11, 2011, 03:38:44 PM »
In 11 hours time I will be in Kraków. I should be going to sleep but I cannot fall asleep. I feel an urge for something, which I cannot name. I will remember you all at the grave of St.Jacek (Hyacinthus). Did you know that the of the first followers of St.Dominic, only St.Jacek was canonised? Why do I mention St.Hyacinth here? Because after the death of St.Dominic, he set up monasteries all over Slavic lands, even establishing himself in Kyiv. His missionary efforts amongst the Kyivans were thwarted by the Tatar invasions; he is depicted in iconography as carrying the Blessed Sacrament, a rosary and a statue of the Most Blessed Virgin before profanation by the Tatars to Kraków. Known also as St.Jacento, St.Iacinto, Yacinth.

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