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Re: Notable/Edifying Posts
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Many of us convert go through intense bitterness with regard to our previous sects.  It will take time.   But that bitterness must be looked at as a sin and you should confess it and focus on your own heart.

My priest wisely told me; “it is good to be discerning with other people.... All of us need to remember to turn that discernment meter around and point it at ourselves.” 

Our bitterness comes from our own heart...not from others.  Their sins are their own...ours are our own.   Confess your own sins as worse then theirs and you at some point learn to forgive and forbear their sins...and you will begin the path to letting go of your bitterness.  If you are struggling with thinking of yourself as a “better” Christian you should confess this in confession and ask for guidance on how to escape prelest.

Do the above and you will be “running to the Church” in repentance And contrition for your own sins which need healing, instead of away from something or someone else’s sins against you.

You will have occasion to have Orthodox people hurt you and be “ignorant” and sin against you as well.   It may cause similar feelings after your conversion high wears off.

What happened in your family’s past is always going to be the subject of gossip. It’s your cross to bear whether you like it or not.   Christians will sin against you and be hypocritical.   That is also your cross to bear.   How you respond to others sins and the burden of your cross(es) is the key.   There were two others crucified with Christ on Calvary.  One bore his cross in penitence< the other cursed his cross in bitterness.

 We all carry crosses. Carrying them is painful and ugly process.  We won’t always bear it gracefully.   There are stumbles along the path of carrying our cross. We will be battered and scorned by others who may have helped put that cross on us.  We will be bloodied and harmed.  The cross will reveal our hearts and which theif we resemble at any given moment.    Seek to be the penitent theif.   The more you embrace your cross the more you will run to the Church, and the more you run to the Church the more you will embrace your cross.   That cross...that suffering is not what God wants for you, but He has made it a path for your salvation nonetheless.   Pick up your cross daily and follow Christ and the tool the devil is using to crucify you will become the tool of His demise in your life.   This is the beauty of Christ’s suffering....a suffering you are called to participate in.
Is any of the above Orthodox?  I have no clue, so there's that.