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« on: May 02, 2011, 02:06:26 PM »
I am struggling with the claims of the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy.  I see good points on both sides, but I do not really feel I am equipped or have the tools to discern and settle this question.  In addition, I am very attached to traditional Anglicanism.  I would be extremely grateful for your stories and / or encouragement.  Right now I am feeling very depressed about all of this.

Edit: I could ask an Orthodox priest and be told one thing, and then a traditional Roman priest will tell me something else entirely.  A modernist / Novus Ordo / Vatican II Roman priest might very well tell me either is a good choice.  An Anglican priest, depending on his churchmanship, might tell me I do not need to convert because I am already an orthodox Catholic.  Very frustrating.
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Re: Struggling
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2011, 03:46:10 PM »
Studying the history of the first 1500 years of the Church, in depth, is probably the most systematic way of answering your dilemma.

Hang in there, and don't despair. The journey's as valuable as the destination.

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Re: Struggling
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Read nothing but the Church fathers and Church councils. Don't seek advice outside of patristics. Adhere to their beliefs and follow their practices. Once you do this, the path will be clear. Orthodoxy is the ONLY choice as it is the ONLY one that has always adhered to the fathers. Other people will pay lip service and quote the fathers out of context, attempting to bolster heterodox views - only Orthodoxy holds to Truth once and for all delivered unto the saints. Once you begin to read them in their entirety, the path to Christ and His Church will be clear.
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Re: Struggling
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Take your time to seek for the truth. Try to gather the very best (i.e., detailed, complex, annotated, etc.) Eastern Orthodox apologetic materials (electronic and/or printed) as well as the very best Catholic apologetic materials, compare them and see what comes out of it. Yes, there's a lot of work ahead of you but if you persevere, you will eventually gain certainty. And, of course, don't forget to pray without ceasing, asking for Divine guidance.
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Re: Struggling
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I've been there too my friend, I was born and raised Catholic myself. Conversion is no easy process, I think anybody coming from any background can agree on that. But, like Ioannis said, the best thing you can do is continue to read the writings of the fathers. If there's one thing I'd like to add to that it is to also read up on church history (you'd be surprised how much of it points right at Orthodoxy!) and, of course, the Bible itself. Also, remember always to keep praying for guidance!

You'll make the right decision eventually. They always do!  :laugh:
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Re: Struggling
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ill tell part of my story

I because serious with the roman faith about two years ago. I was involved with the CCD programme, was a lay reader at Mass and was preparing to enter the seminary after i began and finished my undergraduate education. I read Church history, studied the Baltimore Catechism and began to seriously practice my roman faith. By doing this, I learned Church history and how the history of the Church illuminates the path towards Holy Orthodoxy, not the roman church. Now i am (almost) Orthodox, and know for sure that the Holy Orthodox Church is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Jesus Christ Himself at Pentecost.