Author Topic: Premarital Sex Is Not a Sin?  (Read 94205 times)

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Re: Premarital Sex Is Not a Sin?
« Reply #945 on: December 08, 2012, 12:31:38 PM »
I gave up on this thread when I figured out that the PMS-is-OK crowd is not interested in any evidence that does not conform to their pre-conceptions...
Thank you, everyone!

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Re: Premarital Sex Is Not a Sin?
« Reply #946 on: October 05, 2014, 04:24:02 AM »
I would say the tradition he follows is not truly Orthodox (in that it doesn't stem from teachings of the Apostles or of the Fathers).  It is a man-made invention, the same types of "traditions of men" the Pharisees piled onto the shoulders of their followers."

The Orthodox view of sex is not biblical. It comes from Gnosticism and Augustine.

I know of no other church closer to the doctrines that I find in Scripture other than the orthodox church, so I suppose I will continue to attend orthodox churches. 

I would say Orthodoxy is more unbiblical than Protestantism. The office of Apostle was the highest conferred by Christ. Yet there is not a scrap of evidence that they were ever referred to as "Father," or had their hand kissed by fellow human beings. I would argue that the apostles would be appalled at such a thing. They viewed themselves as servants of the people, not masters and overlords of the people. The title "His All Holiness," (as applied to a Patriarch) is also unbiblical. None of the apostles ever used such a title. In their mind, only God is all holy. Applying this term to a mere man is idolatrous, unbiblical and blasphemous. Also, there is no evidence that the apostles or their successors had their hand kissed by other people. My philosophy is: if the apostles didn't do it, we shouldn't either. I don't think it is spiritually healthy for a priest to have his hand constantly kissed by people. I think it can lead to narcissism.

I am Orthodox, but I believe there are a lot of unbiblical and unwarranted traditions that crept in and remained unchecked in an uncritical age and by an illiterate people. Most people did not even have access to Holy Scripture.