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Re: Prophecies of the future of Israel
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Christ's murders are not to be trusted.

Where is your justification for placing particular blame for the murder of Christ upon the Rabbinicalists in general?

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Re: Prophecies of the future of Israel
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Saint Iaint,
We have not "all killed Christ". That - is ridiculous.

Did we "all" stone St. Stephen? Did we "all" behead St. John the Baptist?

St. Stephen and John the Baptist didnt die for OUR sins. Last time I checked Jesus died for sinners, of which we all are, so in a technical sense, we all are partially responsible. Let us remember, Jesus could have very easily said, "Nope, Im not doing this" and blinked all of existence out with a glimmer of a thought. He went through with it and I am sure thought of each one of us as he hung there. Of course, my last statement is a feeling, and I have no proof to back it up, but it is an encouraging feeling none the less.

After reading and doing a bit more research, I starting to go with my second view I spoke about earlier, which was also spoken about by others. That the New Covenant replaced the old as far as gentiles are concerned.

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Re: Prophecies of the future of Israel
« Reply #47 on: August 12, 2011, 08:02:51 PM »
Greetings in that Divine and Most Precious Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Has there ever been any prophecies on the future of the state of Israel by either Orthodox, or Catholic Saints?  Will the Jews always remain there or will the Muslims drive them out eventually?

When God came in the flesh, He got out of the real estate business.

I like this.. I was flipping through Christian tv this morning getting very upset at the blatant politicization and Zionism coming from the pulpit of several different programs, encouraging Christians even by force of the "Bible" to support Jerusalem and Israel, blindly even! Many of these folks wrongfully connect Salvation and Blessings with Christian support of political Israel as some kind of act of prophecy.  It is a shame that so many folks can be so duped by their so-called "Pastors" into so heavily politicizing their worship life.

Personally, I would suppose that many of the Protestant background are so convinced by Christian Zionism because they precisely reject the premise that "When God came in the Flesh, He got out of the real estate business" and they continue to misconstrue the Old Testament, even when also fully denying the power of the Law.  They get stuck on their own, ideological  (and yes, even racial) interpretations of "prophecy" and parade such opinions as matters of spiritual fact :(

In the Church, really the "prophecies" concerning Israel are not concerning Jews but Our Lady Mary and Jesus Christ, who in the flesh and blood are of the family of Israel, and so in Christ, physically, such descriptions in the Prophets are fulfilled specifically in Him.

When Protestants reject the Real Presence and the inherent Grace of the Divine Mysteries, they at the very core deny the premise of the Incarnation and the Holy Communion in soteriology.  They deny the very operative Power of God in our lives, and reject the true Apostolic Authority of the New Covenant. Without this physical worship of our Lord, everything gets caught up in symbols, but human beings need physicality in their theology.  This is why instead of believing in the physical, substantial Presence of our Lord within the Mysteries, instead they call such "symbols" and instead believe in the physical literalness of several of their own misguided interpretations. Perhaps then they have to believe that the nation of Israel is a physical manifestation of the Scriptures, because they have no other such physical manifestations in their day to day lives since they deny the Real Presence as mere superstition? When we in Orthodox teach that in the Incarnation, the Word took sovereignty of ALL OF PHYSICAL CREATION in taking on physicality as the Lord Himself in the Flesh and Blood, there needed no longer be any "chosen people" or "promised land" as He fulfilled fully the role of Lord of all Creation.  God did not one particular place, for in the physical Presence of the Lord in perpetuity in the Holy Communion, He has both spiritual and physical dominion in the Earth.  Essentially (pun intended), the Divine Word, in assuming human flesh, got out of the promised land real estate business because the sovereignty of His Incarnate Flesh and Blood took eminent domain over ALL Lands and ALL PEOPLES, humanity truly being of one human nature, which He assumed and subsequently being the Sovereign, took domain over all of humanity.  There are no longer any particular chosen people, neither a particular promised land, the Covenant through the Incarnation has been extended to all gratuitously.

stay blessed,
habte selassie
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Re: Prophecies of the future of Israel
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God's Israel is not a nation-state.
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