Author Topic: Live Webcast of Lenten Services at St. Nektarios GOA in Charlotte  (Read 1913 times)

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St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, NC has been broadcasting the Lenten services live over the web.  There has been, to my knowledge, no official announcement about this, so I do not know if every service is being broadcasted or how long this will continue, but I did want to share the information in case there are those out there who are unable to attend church during the week because they are too far from their church, but might have time to watch the Internet broadcast.

The link to the live webcast is:

The service schedule for this church can be found at:

Obviously, if you click on the webcast link when a service is not going on, there will be nothing to see.

The service times are US Eastern Standard Time. 


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Re: Live Webcast of Lenten Services at St. Nektarios GOA in Charlotte
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Is that a way for us to fulfill our Sunday obligation, if we're too lazy to go to church?  :P ;D
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