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Maafa 21: Thoughts?
« on: April 03, 2011, 03:10:31 PM »
I few days ago I finished watching a documentary called Maafa 21.  This film was created by a pro-life lobby/activist organization called Life Dynamics.  The Swahili word Maafa roughly translates into "tragedy" or "catastrophe".

The film proposes that Planned Parenthood is firmly embedded in the eugenics movement and actively markets death to African-American unborn.  The movie also claims that black women are being targeted by abortionists, especially since most abortion clinics are in inner-city or urban neighborhoods.  Maafa 21 links together racist-eugenic movements, Margaret Sanger, US Presidents, UNESCO, and even African-American politicians into what the film considers a "black genocide" that has been long in the planning.

I'm pro-life without reservation, so I don't need a film to tell me that all abortion is murder.  Still, I've suspected for a long time that PP and other abortionists target minority groups.  On a whole, about 40% of unborn babies murdered in the US every year are African-American.  In some places such as NYC, up to 60% (a majority) of black babies are aborted.  These numbers alone demonstrate that black children are at a particularly grave risk of pre-natal death from abortion.

While many of the film's points are well known, such as Margaret Sanger's nativism and racism, the film accentuates the bigotry of the founder of Planned Parenthood though a thorough discussion of _why_ early 20th century eugenics was extremely racist and classist.  The film does a good job of placing her activism within the greater context of racist ideologies, including Nazism.  However, the film is long ( 2 1/2 hours), and tends to present large amounts of secondary research quickly.  A few quotations were taken out of context and have been used by pro-abortion activists to discredit the film.  However, pro-abortionists have conceded, in the very least, that the depiction of Margaret Sanger is accurate, and that this film legitimately damages the reputation of PP.

Has anyone else here at seen this film?  What are some of your reactions?
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