Author Topic: Metropolitan Kallistos speaks at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Michigan  (Read 996 times)

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I received permission from the original poster at another Forum to post this interesting note here. Metropolitan Kallistos gives a forthright and candid appraisal of the ongoing Orthodox/Roman Catholic Dialog of which he is a member. In the context of this thread, it is worth the time to listen to it. Thanks to  Sub-deacon Lazarus.

"It was a great credit to Sacred Heart Major Seminary (where I work) to host such a meaningful event by inviting the renowned Orthodox theologian Metropolitan Kallistos Ware here to speak to our seminarians and faithful. That His Grace was invited -and that he accepted- both speak volumes of the real ecumenical commitments of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. ......  If anyone is interested in downloading His Grace‚Äôs talk, it is available at the following link (copied below) for a short time....File will remain active for 14 days...

Trusting in Christ's Inextinguishable Light,
-Deacon Lazarus

Rev. Sub-Deacon Lazarus W. Der-Ghazarian
Plant Director of Sacred Heart Major Seminary
(with God's help)"