Author Topic: Must Liberal Protestants share the blame for Muslim hostility?  (Read 795 times)

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Yes, indeed, argues Uwe Siemon-Netto:

As Congress is considering the extent of Islamic extremism in America, scholars on both sides of the Atlantic wonder whether the liberal Protestant theology of the last two centuries must share some blame for the violence committed by Muslim radicals.

According to Thomas Schirrmacher, a German sociologist of religion, this debate is based on the following conjecture: Until the 18th century, few Muslim theologians questioned the authenticity of Christian Scriptures, given that the Koran acknowledges the Old and New Testaments as “divine books descended from the heavens to guide mankind.” But since the Enlightenment period, Protestant scholars began casting doubt on the Bible’s reliability thus ceasing to accept it as the living word of God.

This in turn led prominent Islamic leaders to conclude that these texts were clearly not entirely true and therefore evidence of a false religion, and that false religion must be destroyed. In some theological circles, this is seen as a major cause of Muslim hostility against the Christian faith, an antagonism that has been increasing in virulence in the last decades.
Interesting theory, though it's unclear whether Osama bin Laden has given this issue much thought.
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Re: Must Liberal Protestants share the blame for Muslim hostility?
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You might enjoy this. I think the site is run by a former Christian who lost faith in his scriptures.

I'd zero in on the essay on the New International Version, it discusses a lot of the textual critical issues.
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