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Becoming a Catechumen next Sunday
« on: March 15, 2011, 03:53:37 AM »
I've had an eventful last four days or so. I might post about a few of the things in detail, but as I might be terribly busy for the next few days, I wanted to pass this news along.

My Priest and I were to meet prior to Nativity to discuss ostensibly my becoming catechumen. Due to difficulties for both of us, we had to keep tabling the discussion.

We met this week. And I wasn't sure what the timeline would be, but we talked for a bit and went over some questions regarding the Liturgy and he said let's do it next Sunday.

He asked if I had a sponsor in mind (and I did) but I asked him to choose someone who he thought would be a "good fit" and he mentioned the man I had in mind.

Not that everyone reads my posts and commits them to memory as they should, but while this is certainly something I know is right and want, it also a bit frightening to me.

So everyone please pray for me.

I now am trying to see if the rural Baptist church I was baptized in has any record of it.

Thanks to everyone at for your infos, forbearance, time and effort you put in here. It certainly has been of help along the way.

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Re: Becoming a Catechumen next Sunday
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