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Need help to check answers on these
« on: March 13, 2011, 11:43:36 AM »
We had some discussions and being in remote Fort McMurray with no priest or parish, pray you go through and correct or add to the responses so that we don't err in our understanding

What is the significance of two Sundays between Nineveh fast and Great Lent?
The two Sundays are for the Departed priests and all Departed faithful.  A possible reason why the Church fathers placed them so to teach us that the departed join us in the journey till second coming and we approach the Holy Lent together with them. 
Why do we have the fast during Holy Lent?
We fast as this is the time Church reflect more on God’s unconditional love for us shown in Gospel “For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”, a time of sacrifice just as He has sacrificed Himself. We are commemorating the great Resurrection of God who became man for our salvation perfect in His Divinity and perfect in His Humanity like us yet without Sin. It also is the time for us to repent more and turn to Him for help and grow in His glory.

Is Jesus Christ God, how can He be Son and yet God?
Yes He is God who is spoken of Genesis who created the heaven and earth and yet the Son who became incarnate for us.  This question was raised not first here, but raised in 4th Century during the making of the Creed and confessed by the Church against heresies of Arianism and Apolloniarinism. 
The creed says that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, born of the Father, born of the Father before all ages. Jesus Christ is the Son from eternity. He was ever with the father. He is the true light of true light. He is True God from True God.  Though He was begotten (have same nature, essence and divinity as the Father), He was not created
“The Lord Jesus Christ is born twice: An Everlasting Birth from the Father, not through a mother, before all ages, and a Birth in the fullness of time from a mother but with no father.” St. Augustine
(Reference Standard VI Text book – Lesson 3)
God is revealed to mankind only as much as He can be understood by Man.  We cannot know all of Him by intellect but know Him through eternity by partaking in sacred mysteries of the Church and faith in its proclamation.
'Man is a creature of God, endowed with creaturely freedom. As a creature, he has a beginning and the possibility of an end. Yet, unlike other creatures, he/she is created to attain eternal life, which God grants. To gain this goal, man is called to live on earth in communion with the Creator and follow His way, using his creaturely autonomy. However, man took advantage of his personal freedom to follow his own plan in life. This led to his fall from the Source of Eternal life, to which he had to be restored. This restoration required an absolute surrender to God on the part of man, which was possible only by God Himself helping man to do it. Therefore the coming together of God the Son and man into union was necessary, and God accomplished it in Jesus Christ'.
(Reference -Orthodox Catechism on the Faith and Life of the Church – Fr. V.C Samuel)
Reference Scripture for Memorization: - John 1:1 -3,
“In the beginning God made earth - When is this beginning and Where is the beginning of God?”
 The beginning is quote from Genesis 1: 1 when God created the Heaven and Earth. It cannot be explained as historical time as we know it. Also from the word Eternal we see that there never was a Beginning or an End when God did not exist.