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Music Compostion/Orthodox Piano Music
« on: March 11, 2011, 09:14:02 PM »
Recently I played one of my piano compositions and after playing for about a minute I heard some door knock/banging noises.  I checked the door and no one was there.  I resumed playing the piano/synthesizer and again heard banging before finishing.  I also felt like I might be attracting demons because the music I have composed is a bit odd, like if a person experiencing psychosis were to compose music.  I do consider the music to be in the same category as "The Raven" by Poe, which I know, it's a poem, but imagine that poem in musical form and you get the idea.  So, having had firsthand experience with demons prior to this I have decided to stop playing musical instruments for the time being.  I don't even trust myself to be able to compose uplifting music.  Instead, it's like the music I compose is a form of bashing people over the head.  I guess the demons like that, which is why I'm stopping.  Anyway, the reason I'm including this background info is for the sake of warning.  Once it becomes apparent to a person that he or she can attract demons, then everything a person does needs to be done carefully so as not to invite demonic attack.  Perhaps I am saying too much.  My question is: what are some Orthodox piano pieces that are good for creating a holy atmosphere, if there are any?  I'm under the impression that Divine Liturgy music is only vocal, but does this mean that it is impossible to compose a holy piano piece?  I'm afraid to even attempt to play Moonlight Sonata, even though I don't normally think of it as "occult."  Is it true that any action a person takes is either good or bad? 

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Re: Music Compostion/Orthodox Piano Music
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 11:00:47 PM »
Instrumental music isn't used in our worship, but that doesn't mean it's unholy. There has been a lot of great instrumental music by Orthodox composers. Check out Metropolitan Hilarion's St. Matthew's Passion:
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