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The Christmas Toy
« on: March 06, 2011, 02:19:23 AM »
It is not clear to me whether I can make an inquiry of opinions in this subforum or whether this post should be embedded in a pre-existing thread.

I was contemplating as to whether or not I am a definable cartoon character, categorizable  and destined for some particular outcome. This led me to puppets (possibly because I listen to the Voice of (North) Korea every Saturday morning at 5 am (i.e., this morning) and South Korea is always the puppet regime and, as an aside, if you can listen to this broadcast without laughing at the ass-kissing superlatives used for Kim family you have abnormal control of your bodily functions). Puppets led me to Muppets which led me to the TV movie "The Christmas Toy". I remember seeing this movie when it was first broadcast as an adult. I remember it bringing me to tears. Not because it is sad (it is in many respects) but because the emotions it invoked within me were beautiful and cherished. I never understood why this children's move could have had this effect. I just watched the salient part of this movie on youtube ( and it had the same effect on me, but this time in the presence of two confused little girls. From this partial reviewing it seems to me that this movie is not a "generic" Christmas story, it is a movie about confession, redemption, death of ego and materialistic values (I have been contemplating what materialism means, as well) and ultimately everlasting life. Perhaps that is a lot to read into a generic children's movie but this movie does invoke an emotional response that I think is important. For the cynics out there I did not have any response to the life threatening situation of Tinker Bell because no one believed in her.

I am just curious if anyone else had a similar emotional response to this movie.  I would categorize the topic here as sentimentality, but it's evolutionary function is unclear, especially in regard to the well-being of muppets. In any case, its fullest form (I am referring sentimental feelings) would not likely be present prior to the establishment of an advanced language (kind of late for much evolution). I could be wrong about this since I only started thinking about it one minute ago.
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