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letting you all know about a prayer book
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:04:04 AM »
hello, everyone!

I wanted to tell you that there is an Orthodox prayer book that many have not heard of, as I believe it's not as mass produced as some prayer books.  It's called The Orthodox Prayer Book and it's published by Holy Protection Monastery in Lake George, CO.  this is the only Orthodox monastery that we have in Colorado, and it's run by the sweetest nun, Mother Cassiana.  she is the abbess, and is the only nun currently at the monastery.  I only just learned she published a prayer book.  this prayer book is like the Slavic version of the "Little Red" prayer book published by the Antiochians.  it has a very interesting plethora of prayers, including a "prayer before planting" and "prayer before reading holy scripture". 

you can view it here:

(her monastery doesn't have a website.  but if your ever in Colorado, she is the nicest woman and has quite a lerge book store for visitors).

just wanted to get the word out!   ;D

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