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MY BOOKS (Shameless Self-Promotion)
« on: Yesterday at 04:11:57 AM »
Forgive the shameless self-promotion, but I really need your help and support. My new book is finally in print:

REBEL SONG: Writings on Peace, Life, and Spiritual Revolution

I have a few personal copies that I can mail to anyone who would like to buy one from me directly. I also have some copies of my first book that I can send to anyone that's interested:

MYSTERY and MEANING: Christian Philosophy & Orthodox Meditations

You can purchase either book from AuthorHouse Publishing at the links below. I prefer that you purchase them directly from me, because I only receive a small percentage from AuthorHouse sales. (Please do not purchase my books from Amazon, as I receive no royalties from Amazon purchases.) And as always, I will gladly make my books available at no charge to anyone who cannot afford to buy them. I will also gratefully accept any donations that are sent my way.

My writing is my ministry, my passion, and the only source of income I have. My books are both self-published, which means that I have invested more in producing them than I have made in sales. Both of my books are very imperfect works, but I truly believe they contain redemptive truth and important insights for these troubled times.

This sinner really needs all the help he can get. Please PM me for further information about how you can receive personalized copies or free manuscripts. Thanks for your interest, your consideration, your support, and your prayers. I truly need them.

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