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Regarding the New Jerusalem
« on: June 09, 2011, 10:30:47 PM »
I remember reading some Protestant article a year ago about Christ's Second Coming and what happens after the Final Judgment. It was a fascinating article, but I can't find it again. Basically it talks about how the laws of thermodynamics would radically change and that the "heaven into Earth" concept transcends any sort of understanding that we may have, creation itself would be something that is incomprehensible. That our bodyies/souls would become united, by energy, with all that are saved with God that eternal joy keeps growing forever and that we will know each other more deeply as well. It sounds heretical compared to Orthodoxy but it was interesting.The Book of Revelation uses quite alot of imagery regarding the New Jerusalem, in particular the shape of a cube which illustrates perfection.

My question is, in regards to an Orthodox understanding of theosis and reconciling that with the last part in the Book of Revelation, is all that is contained there allegorical to explain what was seen and if we are united with Christ, what about our bodily ressurection and seeing God face to face, the God who is immaterial? I can see why using the answer it's a mystery is appropriate, but it seems to me that the New Jerusalem must be in a material realm if the Orthodox beleive in a bodily resurrection from the dead.

Sorry if I'm sounding convuluted here.
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