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the black israeli history against orthodox
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Destruction and Desecration of Christian Holy Places after 1948
 The Israeli authorities continued their destruction and desecration of Christian holy places

like several Christian convents and churches on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. They looted the

ornaments and church golden and silver objects and transformed those convents and

 churches into military posts for Jewish armed forces.

This is the statement of an eyewitness who reported about the church of St. Saviour on Mt.


The interior of the Church of St. Saviour is a scene of total devastation. The carved and

gilded altar has been wrecked, and an altar painting lies destroyed on the upper floor. The

 oil paintings that decorated the upper part of the north and south walls have been torn out

 of their frames leaving only tattered shreds of canvas. Many of the Kutahya titles, brought

especially from Turkey by Armenian pilgrims in the early eighteenth century have been

ripped from the walls; those that have not been stolen lie smashed on the ground, along

 with a tangled mass of broken church furniture. The valuable collection of old church

vestments has completely disappeared.


On the other hand, Israeli forces desecrated and vandalized the Armenian and the Greek

orthodox cemeteries on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. Fourteen tombs of Christian patriarchs were

 smashed open and their contents desecrated.

The Catholic cemetery on Mt. Zion received the same treatment from the Zionists.

In October 1953, Israeli forces destroyed the Christian village of Kafr Bur’om in Galilee

 together with its churches, schools, and other buildings and scattered the Christian

 inhabitants to other parts of Galilee.



On April 16th, 1954, the Zionists launched an attack against the cemetery of the Greek

Catholic Community in Haifa.

In July 1954, a group of Israelis attacked a Christian religious procession of the Carmelite

 Fathers and the Christian community of Haifa nears the cave of St. Elijah on Mt. Carmel

near Haifa. The Christian religious procession was broken up, many of the crosses carried

by the procession were smashed, and many Christians were injured.


On January 10, 1963, seventy Jews, mostly Yeshiva students, attacked the Finnish

 Christian Mission School in Jerusalem, smashed thirty windows and beat Mr. Risto

Santala, the school pastor. Further up the Street of the Prophets, a car belonging to a

Hebrew-Christian family was overturned and the plate glass windows of the Zion Mission

 shop run by the Reverend William Hall were smashed.
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