Author Topic: attacks on christians by israeli groups  (Read 1075 times)

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attacks on christians by israeli groups
« on: May 05, 2004, 07:46:17 PM »
The War:

GÇó Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem shelled by Israeli forces

GÇó Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem-

Israeli soldiers and youths throw stink bombs into the church Israelis inappropriately

dressed entered the church; they smoked cigarettes; they littered the church; they brought

dogs with them

GÇó Church of the Nativity suffered some of the same desecrations as the Holy

GÇó Israeli forces shot up the Episcopal Cathedral just as they had done in 1948

GÇó They smashed the Episcopal school for boys with their tanks

GÇó Israeli army wrecked and looted the YMCA

GÇó Israeli army wrecked the Lutheran Hospital, even though it was being used by the UN

GÇó The Lutheran center for cripples was also heavily damaged by the Israelis

GÇó In Ramallah (a Christian city near Jerusalem) the Episcopal school for girls was fired upon

 by Israeli forces and some of the girls were killed

GÇó The Reverend S.J. Mattar, warden of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, was murdered in his

 home by Israeli soldiers- without cause according to witnesses who were also fired upon.
 GÇó The villages of Yalu, Beit Nuba and Emmaus were totally destroyed-


The Jewish writer Amos Kenan who was a soldier in the Israeli army gave this account

to the Jewish magazine Haolem Hazeh:

The unit commander told us that it had been decided to blow up three villages in our sector;

they were Beit-Nuba, Emmaus and Yalu. This was explained by strategic, tactical and

security considerations. At noon the first bulldozer arrived and pulled down the first house

at the edge of the village. Within ten minutes the house was turned into rubble. The olive
trees and cypresses were all uprooted. After the destruction of the three houses the first

refugee column arrived from the direction of Ramallah. We told them to go to Beit Sura.

They told us that they were driven out everywhere, forbidden to enter any village, that they

were wandering like this for four days, without food, without water, some dying on the road.
They asked to return to the village, and said we'd better kill them. Some had a goat, a lamb,

a donkey or a camel. A father ground wheat by hand to feed his four children. On the

horizon we could see the next group arriving.
The children cried. Some of our soldiers started to crying too. We went to fetch them water.

We stopped a car with a major, two captains and a woman. We took a jerrican of water

and distributed it to the refugees. We also handed out cigarettes and candy. More soldiers

burst out crying. We asked the officers why are these refugees sent from one place to

another and driven out everywhere. They told us this was good for them. Let them go.
Moreover, said the officers, why do you care about the Arabs anyway. We drove them out.

they go on wandering in the south like lost cattle. The weak die. In the evening we found

out we had been deceived, for in Beit-Sura too, bulldozers commenced destruction and

they were forbidden to enter. We found out that not only in our sector was the border

straightened out for security reasons but in all sectors. Our unit was outraged. At night

we were ordered to guard the bulldozers, but the unit was so enraged that no soldier was
willing to carry out such duties. None of us understood how Jews could behave like this. the

chickens and doves were buried in the rubble. the fields were turned into wasteland in front

of our eyes. The children who went on crying on the road will be Fedayeen in 19 years, in

the next round. Thus have we lost on that day the victory.