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Israel blows up 4th Century Christain Church!!! ~ TO CHRISTIANS AND CATHOLICS OF THE WORLD!! 6/4/2002 7:46:48 PM
Israel blows up a very old church

June 1, 2002
It has come to our attention that Israeli soldiers
destroyed entirely the Greek Orthodox Church ,Santa Barbara, in Abboud
village near Ramallah. The Church was built in the 4th century, and it
withstood all the invasions that took place in Palestine, except the most barbaric
invasion carried out by Israeli soldiers. There can be no justification or
excuse for this unacceptable aggression against Christianity, and
against the norms of the civilized word and the sacred places .

The international community must speak up, must act
now, and must punish the Government of Israel for this heinous crime. The
responsibility of the international community cannot be ignored after it
established Israel as a country above the law.

We are calling on all Christians around the world,
and all those who value the sanctity of religious sites, to show solidarity
with the people of Palestine, and to look for ways to punish the
Government of Israel in response. Moreover, Israeli soldiers who carried
out this crime must be brought to justice.

Those raising their voices and calling for reform
within Palestinian society
must prove that they are true to their values, so
they must condemn the shameless destruction of the Greek Orthodox Church
in Abboud.

Enough double standards.